Flame Maple and Walnut with Chrome


Body construction: Walnut body with Curly maple top. Both wood species are highly figured. Finished with dye and polymerizing oil, burnished to a high sheen. The oil is a product supplied by Crimson Guitars in the U.K. specially blended for a beautiful hand polished finish.

The finish is hand rubbed and polished with successive grits from 1500 up to 12,000 grit with a wet oil technique. Final polishing is done by hand with different woven cloth types to provide a mirror-like ultra smooth natural feel, after the finish has hardened for several days.

Control cavity is lined with copper foil to reduce radio frequency interference and associated hum. All routed cavities are lacquer coated.

Pickups: Sheptone “6T8” 68 T-Top ES-335 humbuckers designed for hollow or semi-hollow body guitars. Wound with #42 poly wire, and a long Alnico 5 magnet, providing a clear but slightly more gritty tone. Bridge DC resistance is 7.8K. Neck DC resistance is 7.4K.

Sheptone 6T8 in neck position.

Controls: 5-way Fender(R) super switch providing 5 different tones, as detailed below.
Position 1 – Neck pickup
Position 2 – Neck and bridge pickups in series
Position 3 – Neck and bridge pickups in parallel
Position 4 – Neck and bridge in series out of phase
Position 5 – Bridge pickup

Fender brand 5-way super switch wired to provide 5 tones.

Pots and caps: CTS 500K solid brass shaft audio taper volume and tone. A .047 microfarad orange drop cap works in conjunction with a .001 microfarad orange drop cap with a 150K Ohm metal film resistor wired in parallel. Provides uniform tone as the volume is rolled down.

Control cover plate: Fender(R) brand, chrome.

Control knobs: Knurled Fender(R) chrome with set screws. I don’t use press-on knobs on any of my builds.

Wire: Vintage style waxed cotton pushback over tinned copper, 28 gauge.

Orange Drop capacitors and resistor

Bridge: Hipshot Hardtail. Machined from solid brass, polished and plated. Forged steel saddles, adjustable, with 2-1/16″ string spread.

Hipshot hardtail through body string bridge.

Neck: Warmoth quarter sawn maple with Indian Rosewood fretboard. Nickel frets size 6105. Cream colored dot inlays in face and side. Modern construction neck with dual truss rod adjustable from the side. Finished with Boiled Linseed Oil and Crimson Guitar Finish Oil, with painted peg head coated with clear enamel.

Tuners: GOTOH Lock Trad locking in chrome.

Strings: D’Addario

The completed guitar plays incredibly well. Five distinct tones in a clean amplified sound setup. Action is low. This is a clean guitar that sounds amazing.

Side view of the join between Walnut and Maple. Highly figured wood is my favorite.

SALE! Originally $2,500. Now $1,800. Call Tom Glander @ 949-351-6297.