Serial number 0121001 created exclusively for Kevin Smith. This one-of-a-kind guitar is sold. Theme is all natural native hardwood, with exotic hardwoods from the Brazilian rainforest, with black and gold hardware accents. Every effort has been made to eliminate any silver from this build. Aside from the pickup adjustment screws and strings, I’ve achieved this end.

Detail from the neck plate.
Right up the middle of the flame maple top.

This guitar features a carved Telecaster body shape with the addition of Les Paul style controls, featuring the traditional 3-way switch, dual humbucker pickups and individual volume and tone controls for each.


Neck: Roasted flame maple, tiltback, Bubinga fretboard, stainless steel 6100 jumbo frets, 10-16 radius, standard thin. Mother of pearl dot inlays and side inlays. Custom built by Warmoth.
Truss cover: Hand made from Marblewood.
String nut: Graph Tech TUSQ XL, 1 5/8 width.

Scale: 25 1/2 inches.

Body: Carved top telecaster, flame maple on walnut. Black binding. Tummy cut, contoured heel, angled neck pocket.

Controls: Volume, volume, tone, tone. 500K linear taper pots. Tone control uses .047 uf (micro farad) orange drop capacitors.

Bridge: GOTOH 510 stud mount, black.

Pickups: Bridge— Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Trembucker with expanded pole spacing for a more balanced string response. Tone is round with singing sustain. Calibrated ALNICO II magnets match the coil’s resonant frequency. Designed for use with a locking vibrato bridge, but used here for its unique sound. Neck— Seymour Duncan JB Model Humbucker with completely balanced coil configuration producing great harmonics and a high output with the just the right blend of sustain and distortion. Wired in a standard configuration, the tone is very sweet.

Tuners: GOTOH Magnum Locking with Keystone knobs. 18:1 turning ratio. Work very well for players that do heavy string bending.

String action: Low medium. Adjustable by bridge post screws.

String height: 5/64th inch.

Strings: D’Addario XL Nickel Wound 10 – 46 Regular Light Gauge.

Output Jack: Pure Tone multi-contact tip and ring.

Wiring: Push back style waxed cloth over poly with tinned 8-strand 28g wire.

Shielding: RF shielded control pocket and cover with grounded copper foil.

Control cavity covers: Solid wood, hand crafted from Zebrawood with black oval head Philips style screws (silver screws shown in photo).

Strap lock pins: D’Addario eliptical end pins in gold.

Tone: The way a guitar sounds, or its “tone” as is the industry lingo, is based on a complex number of factors ranging from wood types to hardware. Each player has his or her preferences. From my personal point of view, this guitar produces a tone that is remarkably pure with amazing sustain. From power chords on the low strings to shredding tones on the higher strings, I’m impressed with the overall strength and clarity of sound. The LP style controls add to the mix of possibility and the purist with a trained ear will be able to hear subtle changes with each tiny turn of the dial.

Photo Details

Tuning peg head with 23.93% pure (1% silver content) GOLD LEAF “Glander” logo etched into the roasted maple peg head.
Marblewood from Brazil covers the truss rod nut. Hand crafted.
GOTOH 510 Stud Mount Bridge, wrap-around style.
Control cavity with shielding and pots installed.
Copper foil applied to backside of cavity cover. Edges of foil are removed flush with the cover. All foil surfaces are in contact with one another and connect to ground. This creates a “sealed” RF blocking container for the controls. Below is the finished application.
Book matched Brazillian Zebrawood control pocket hand crafted in my shop.
Black Walnut solid body, Zebrawood switch cavity cover, black and gold accents.
D’Addario strap locking pin in gold.
Flame maple top. Finished with polymerizing boiled linseed oil and wax polish front and back. Bubinga fret board, mother of pearl dots. Gold leafed “Glander” logo.

All Glander Guitars are crafted from quality materials. Prices are dependent on type of wood, hardware, and finish. From $600 BASIC level guitars to $8000 ULTRA exotics, with a FrankenGlander line as well, I offer up for sale whatever I build. And whatever I build, you can rest assured you’re getting a solid guitar you can hand down to your children’s children.

I don’t usually build guitars to order, but you can always contact me to discuss something you have in mind. I’m not opposed to creating something amazing for you, based on your preferences. Just use the Contact page to reach out and touch someone (me).