Flame Maple and Mahogany
“Super Strat”

The Super Strat is set up in Humbucker, Single Coil, Humbucker (HSH) format with a Floyd Rose Original tremolo and custom wiring, as described below.

Solid Mahogany core with flame maple top. Custom control cavity cover on front. Open spring cavity in the rear. Maple neck from Warmoth. Routed for Original Floyd Rose floating tremolo. Lacquer finish over dyed top.



Neck: Duncan Distortion

Above: Seymour Duncan Distortion Humbucker (dual coil)

The original high-output passive humbucker pickup, the Duncan Distortion (SH-6) delivers tight and mean lows with searing top end—ideal for a wide variety of rock and metal styles.
Middle: Duncan Quarter-Pound for Strat

Above: Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pound for Strat (single coil)

More than double the power of a stock pickup. This pickup has a punchy sound, clean a lower volumes buy capable of delivering high output when cranked. Lead playing with this pickup easily cuts above a humbucker. Hand polished, quarter-inch magnets.

Bridge: Duncan Invader Humbucker

Above: Seymour Duncan Invader Humbucker (dual coil)

Ultra-high output with a huge sound, the Invader (SH-8) has a look and sound like no other pickup. The Invader is loud, vicious, and unapologetic. Combines large ceramic magnets, hot coils, and twelve black oxide cap screws that make it an electrifying force of energy.


Floyd Rose Original Tremolo, floating. Black nickel finish. Locking string nut in the Floyd Rose tradition.


Super Strat setup in HSH configuration as described above. Controlled by a standard 5-way switch plus three additional switches, each on its own pot, allowing for independent splitting of humbuckers into single coils. Also included is the 7-way mod, meaning all three pickups together, or neck and bridge only, omitting the middle single coil.

Master volume pot with push-pull switch. Pull the switch to activate the 7-way mod, allowing use of all three pickups together, or omitting the single coil middle pickup entirely.

Upper tone pot with push-pull switch. Activation controls tone and coil splits the neck. Includes .047 cap.

Lower tone pot with push-pull switch. Activation controls tone and coil splits the bridge. Includes .047 cap.

5-way switch positions are standard Strat operation.
1) Neck
2) Neck with middle
3) Middle
4) Middle with bridge
5) Bridge

Wiring Diagram

Price $1,800
Call Tom Glander @ 949-351-6297