Quilted Maple Walnut

Quilted Maple top on a Walnut body. This is a solid body guitar with a hot single coil surrounded by hot humbuckers. The humbuckers in bridge and neck positions are split with the volume push pull switch. Six distinct tones may be generated from this guitar.


Wiring Diagram


Neck: SD matched Hot Rodded Humbucker Set. JB (SH-2) Jazz. High output, overwound coils, reminiscent of the 1974 created in England.
Bridge: SD matched Hot Rodded Humbucker Set. (SH-4).

Above: Neck and Bridge matched set Hot Rodded Humbuckers. DCR measured in thousands of Ohms.

Center: SD Quarter Pound for Strat. More than double the power of a stock pickup. Punchy sound, clean at lower volumes, delivers high output when cranked. Delivers the Ritchie Blackmore Strat tone, big and mean. Hand polished, large diameter (1/4-inch) magnets.

Above: SD Quarter-Pound for Strat stats

Pots: Push pull, Bournes 500K volume. Bournes 500K tone with .047 capacitor.
Control cavity is copper foil lined.

Body core: Black Walnut

Top: Quilted Maple

Finish: 10 coats of clear gloss lacquer sprayed. Hand polished.

SALE! Originally $2,500, Now $1,800.
Call Tom Glander @ 949-351-6297.