Doing your research on a potential new neck from Glander Guitars? Here are the details you may be looking for.

I make necks from only select straight grained quarter sawn Canadian maple. It is lightly roasted just the proper amount to bring out color and remove sugars. Not only is the wood beautiful, it is completely stable. 4A grade or higher, including 5A or Master grade, are used. Costs associated with 5A and Master are much higher, but if you want a neck that’s at a “whole new level” you’ll want that.

My neck making process is perfectly repeatable, meaning I can make the same neck over and over and each will be the same from a machinists point of view. Artistically, each one is different. Unique.

All necks are guaranteed to fit any Fender strat or tele style guitar. My necks are not licensed by Fender, nor do they share any distinguishable characteristics. They are “dead to nuts” perfect in the measurement arena, however. They will fit your Strat or Tele style guitar body perfectly.

Neck shape is a a thin C shape. Not a baseball bat, not a fat D. Just feels great in the hand unless you’re looking for that fat D shape. If so, I’m not the neck maker you’re looking for.

Necks are built with ebony fretboards and jumbo frets. All necks have a 14-inch radius for high speed shredding capability. Jumbo frets make shredding so much easier, as well as rhythm playing and lead. If you haven’t played a Glander Guitars neck with jumbo frets, you’re missing out on a smooth experience. I dare say you’ll even become a better player using one my custom necks.

If you want stainless steel frets, you’ve come to the wrong place. I don’t make necks with SS frets any longer for various reasons I won’t get into here.

I use double action truss rods for easy access adjustment should you need to make changes to fit your particular needs. Easy access to the rod is at the headstock. No need to remove the neck.

I don’t compete with Warmoth or any other guitar neck maker. My necks are not made on a production line. They aren’t built by “skilled laborers” or any other nonsense. They are built one at a time, by me. I don’t make a living doing this, but I do make guitar players very happy.

Building guitar necks that are beautiful and functional is very important to me, and I’m sure to you as well. The neck is arguably the “most” important part of the electric guitar. (And yes, I know the whole guitar works together as a unit, and no part is more important than any other.) But without a great feeling, great playing neck, you may not be as motivated to play. You also may not be able to play as fast or as well as you’re capable of on a neck that’s lesser quality.

We all know that playing the guitar is a big part of owning a guitar. Unless you’re into it for the sake of art. Even then, the beautiful part kicks in. So I’ve got you covered regardless of your motivation, hopefully.

NECK BUILDING DETAILS (This needs to be fleshed out. Only the bones are here so far.)

Construction is in two parts. The main body is shaped and prepared for the truss rod. The fretboard is shaped and slotted for the frets and nut. The two parts are joined. Frets are installed, leveled and polished. Each neck is tested before shipping.

Here’s a video I posted on You Tube showing off my latest neck, so you can see the kind of quality you can expect:

More to come.