LeopardWood and Maple

It started from scrap maple and a nice chunk of Leopardwood. This is the story of the creation of this ’57 Tele style electric guitar.

The body is hollowed slightly to reduce weight. Below is the drill pattern used in this creation.

Clamping maple and leopardwood boards for the beginning of the body requires only enough clamping pressure to create a solid join of the various surfaces. Below is the glue-up in progress.

Below is the outline of the body after removal from the clamps. Outline is drawn on the surface to give me an idea of the finished shape in relationship to the uncut stock.

Below, I’ve bored for the control cavity and the output jack. Control cavity will be routed, as well pickup cavities.

Above: Cavity routing in progress.
Above: Finish applied, cavities lined with copper foil for protection from radio frequencies. Jet Black lacquer applied to the back. Clear gloss lacquer applied to the entire guitar body. A total of 9 coats were applied, then level sanded. I dilute the lacquer so it sprays very thin, and dries rapidly. Coats are easily built over a 3-day period.

Control components

Here’s what’s inside the control cavity. CTS 250K volume pot. CTS 250K push-pull tone pot. Fender style 3-way switch. Oil type 0.47 capacitor.

All covered up and ready to rock. Switch between the neck and bridge pickups, or blend the two. Push pull tone switch provides additional tone quality, as well as splitting the humbuckers.

Seymour Duncan ’59 tele in the bridge location. Aluminum pickguard. The neck is Brazilian Ebony. Glander Guitars. Boutique built, attention to every detail, and ready for you to purchase.

SALE! Originally $1,500. Now $1,100. Call Tom Glander @ 949-351-6297.