An ode to Eddie Van Halen, who provided the Frankenstein or Frankencaster moniker. This is not a replica. Rather it’s a nod to EVH. The sound is otherworldly. You can be assured of a one-of-a-kind instrument that will shred with the best of them.


Body: Multi-ply Mahogany
Neck: Flat Sawn Maple
Frets: Nickel
Scale: 25 1/2 inch

Tuners: GOTOH
Bridge pickup: Golden Age Humbucker
Neck pickup: Golden Age Single Coil

Volume pot: CTS, audio taper, plus/minus 10% resistance tolerance
2nd Volume pot: CTS, audio taper, plus/minus 10% resistance tolerance
*** (Micro switch designates bridge or neck pickup independently. No tone control, even though one of the knobs has “TONE” stamped on it.) ***

Output Jack: Pure Tone multi contact

Tremolo: Original Floyd Rose, floating, with tuning adjusters. Intonation was set using a Peterson Stroboscope tuner. (Do massive dive bombs or screaming pull ups, it doesn’t matter. This tremolo has superior range of motion flattening or sharpening notes.) Notes are individually tuned with the micro tuners on the tremolo, since the locking nut clamps the strings.

String Nut: Floyd Rose Locking

Strings: D’Addario nickel wound LIGHT 10-??
Action: Set at 5/64th at the 22nd fret on the low E string.
Neck relief: 12 thousandths of an inch

I found this guitar in a totally different form in a pawn shop in Huntington Beach, CA. The neck looked good, nice and straight. Truss rod working. Frets were in good shape, with only one requiring a touch of leveling.

I tore it down and completely reworked everything multiple times. Decided it would make a good EVH style “Frankenstein” model. Figured a “FrankenGlander” model line would be a good thing, so here we are.

Above: My jig for routing various changes to the body as needed. In this case, I’m reducing the height of the bridge pickup cavity to accommodate the thicker Golden Age humbucker pickup.

Removed the shiny slick finish on the neck, taking it down to a super smooth satin finish. I’m quite proud of the neck’s feel for a guitar that started life so differently.

The color scheme is EVH-ish. The finish is polyurethane. It’ll hold up to a decent amount of thrashing, but the point is that the guitar looks pretty gnarly already. Not much you can do to make it look any better.

One of the guitarists for the band Monkey Puddle played the FrankenGlander during one of their gigs in Mission Viejo. He had only good feedback. This is a solid guitar and is one of my favorites.

Monkey Puddle is a guitar-oriented ROCK dance band. If you like your music with a harder edge, come out to see them perform music by The Cult, Motley Crue, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Queen, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, and many more! Check them out on Facebook.