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Control Covers

I make control cavity covers and pick guards from various hardwoods, specifically for your Telecaster style guitar. Each one is made by hand without the use of CNC machinery. I use a router table and template to cut the covers to shape. The thickness is roughly 3mm, and is achieved by surface planing and hand sanding. Holes are drilled on the drillpress, and slots are cut on the router table then precision filed to the perfect width to accommodate the blade of the switch.

Below is an example of a complete control setup, made from quarter sawn figured walnut. You can supply your own knobs, or use the knobs I choose, which are usually black knurled aluminum with set screws, or smooth ebony with set screws (if I can find them). The switch pictured below is an Oak Grigsby 3-way. Pots are CTS solid shaft 500K. The photo shows a traditional 3-way switch, but I’ve got a new mod that uses a 5-way switch which I talk about below.

I apply copper foil to the underside of the cover, which grounds everything attached to the cover, so pots and switch are grounded. This is ready to drop into your guitar, and will fit the standard Telecaster control cover hole pattern perfectly. These are hand made and the wood is polished to a high gloss, then finished with a lacquer-type resin.

Straight grained walnut. Copper foil covered. This photo is prior to trimming the foil to size.

Each control is complete and only needs the wires from your pickups to be soldered, the wire from your bridge to be soldered, and output jack wires to be soldered. You can literally mark your wires on your guitar, then cut them off the pots, and re-solder to this new control.

Below is a series of photos for the new 5-way switch upgrade. It uses a Fender or Oaks-Grigsby “super switch” with two caps. One is a .047f and the other is a .01f with a 150K ohm resistor wired in parallel. Two CTS or Bourne pots complete the control.

5-way Fender switch with volume and tone pots.
Figured walnut cover with set screw ebony knobs.
Wiring detail on Fender 5-way swtich. Posisions: 1> Neck pickup only, 2> Neck and bridge in series, 3> Neck and bridge in parallel, 4> Neck and bridge in series out of phase, 5> Bridge pickup only.
One .047 cap for tone with a .01 cap with 150K resistor for added tonality control.
Prepping for soldering of various component parts. I use heat sinks to protect components from extraneous heat while soldering. Just part of the attention to detail that every guitar enjoys when it’s being created. All guitars are 100% built by Tom Glander.

If you want a custom control cover only, without pots and switch, and is a direct replacement for your current cover, I sell those as well. They are much less expensive.

The 5-way switch mod gives you two additional tones beyond the standard 3-tone setup found with traditional wiring schemes. The addition tones are: 1) Humbucking, wired in series with rich humbucking tone and noise reduction, and 2) humbucking out of phase for a bright, nasal sounding tone.

The 5-way switch operates as follows:

Position 1: Neck pickup only.
Position 2: Neck and bridge pickup in series.
Position 3: Neck and bridge in parallel.
Position 4: Neck and bridge in series out of phase.
Position 5: Bridge pickup only.

Typically, standard Tele wiring consists of two single-coil pickups and a volume and tone control knob with a 3-way switch, which provides these options: Neck pickup (warm and mellow tone), both pickups wired in parallel, and bridge pickup for a brighter and more aggressive tone.

Here’s a video that describes the process, from Stewmac.

Your control unit will be complete with wire for the output jack tip and ring, pre-soldered and left with long tails which you can cut to length and solder to your output jack. You will need to solder your bridge wires to the posts on the switch, and solder your bridge ground wire. I also include a clear wiring schematic with instructions.

Everything else has been done for you. You can purchase this upgrade for $350.00. Contact me to set up your requirements for cover style.


Pickguards are made from bookmatched hardwoods. Birdseye maple, figured walnut, figured maple, or other exotic hardwoods can be used. Each guard is 3mm thick, will fit a traditional Telecaster style guitar, and is a direct replacement, made using a CNC machined template from which the final piece is hand crafted. Each is polished to 12,000 grit, then finished with a lacquer-type resin and polished. Custom orders can be created, and are very expensive. Each pickguard is signed by Tom Glander with the creation date.

Below is a pickguard I made for my newest guitar build, with a humbucker cutout in the neck position. I can make this for a single coil, traditional Tele style pickup as well.

Contact me for more information. We can discuss what you’d like by telephone. My number is 949-351-6297. Or you can use the Contact Page for more info.