Designed by Tom Glander, built by Tom Glander in California. This is a one-of-a-kind electric guitar you won’t find anywhere else. The culmination of nearly two years of guitar building, the CP22 is just one of many different guitars to come.


Scale length: 25 1/2 inches
Body core: Mahogany
Body top: Laminatated big leaf quilted maple, bookmatched
Binding: Abalone
Neck: Roasted maple
Fretboard: Bolivian rosewood
Frets: Gold, nickel free, “jumbo”
Fret dots: Abalone
Bridge: Hipshot solid brass
Pickups: Fralin hand wound modern P.A.F. in the neck and bridge. Neck is 9K, bridge is 8K.
Pots: Bournes push pull 500K, coil splitting configuration, volume and tone
Cap: .047 uF

Custom control cavity design with magnets to secure cover plate.
Cavity is shielded with copper foil.

Guitar body design is my own as is the neck. This has been described as a cross between a Tele style and Strat style, providing the best of both worlds.

The pickups are described by Fralin as follows: “The Modern P.A.F. is our Pure P.A.F. on steroids. It’s great for more modern styles of music that need a little more output and power. The Modern P.A.F. features a thicker mid-range with a quick and even breakup.”