Birdseye Maple and Walnut

Birdseye maple with solid Walnut core.

This is a solid body build in the original Telecaster(R) body style. The neck is a licensed Fender(R) shape in matching Birdseye maple with a Rosewood fretboard and stainless steel frets, built by Warmoth.

Shavings from routing cavities in the guitar body.


Body: Figured Walnut core with laminated Birdseye maple top. Core is 1 1/2-inches thick. Top is 1/4-inch thick for a total of 1 3/4-inch body thickness.

Neck: Birdseye maple with Indian Rosewood fretboard and 6105 Stainless steel fretwire. Finished with boiled linseed oil. Peghead engraved with “Glander” and gold leafed with clear coats of spray lacquer.

Pickups: TFW Tron Dual humbuckers with split covers reminiscent of Filter’tron pickups. Bridge — The bridge pickup clocks in at 13.5k Ohm DC resistance. 50mm pole spacing (E to E) is 52mm. Neck — a more mellow 7.5k DC Ohm Resistance. Pole spacing is 50mm. A 3-way switch sends output from the neck, bridge, or both neck and bridge to the output jack.

Output jack: Pure Tone multi-contact.

Controls: CTW 500k volume and tone pots with Orange Drop .047f capacitor. Oaks-Grigsby 3-way switch. Attached to a quarter sawn Walnut handcrafted cover. Copper foil lines the control cavity and underside of the cover, created an RF shielded control space. All wiring done with “old school” 28 gauge tinned copper waxed cloth covered pushback wire.

Volume, Tone, 3-way switch attached to Walnut cover plate.

Tuners: GOTOH Locking, dual height. String tree not required.

Bridge: GOTOH painted solid brass with humbucker allowance. Through the body string arrangement with black ferrules on the back side.

GOTOH solid brass bridge and saddles in black.
Tuning head detail.
Another shot of the peghead.
Neck and body detail. Beautiful and perfected. Sounds incredibly sweet. Simply a very fine guitar awaiting a new home.
Cutting out the body.
On the bench after assembly.

Price $1,800.
Call Tom Glander @ 949-351-6297.